Guards Flee As Nigerians Rescue Their Colleague During Assault In Germany

Pandemonium broke out in a migrants camp in Germany after a Nigerian asylum seeker was manhandled and assaulted by camp guards over an undisclosed issue.

The assault which was filmed by another Nigerian at the camp shows the moment the security guards rough handled the young man who refused to be subdued despite being outnumbered.

When the guards noticed that Nigerians were gathering in their number to rescue their colleague, they locked the two doors leading to the room where the incident was happening.

The Nigerian migrants pushed the doors fiercely and tried to open them to save their countryman as he shouted for help during the assault.

The guards later left the young man who tried to attack one of them almost immediately before he was knocked down again.

This was when Nigerians outside pushed the doors open and the guards fled the room.

The confrontation between the Nigerians and the guards continued outside as the migrants followed them to reveal their displeasure over the manhandling of their colleague.

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