How A 10-year-old Muna Is Staying Safe From Covid-19 With Her Family In Yemen

Here is the story of a 10 year-old Muna, how she had been staying safe from coronavirus with her family.

Muna who is staying with her parents in the Al Sha’ab camp in Aden, shows the world how she’s trying to stay safe from the coronavirus. She has been staying with her family after ongoing fighting forced them to flee their home. Her school is also closed as part of efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Despite this experiences, Muna tell the world her survive day-in-day-out.


Muna walks with her friend to fetch water at the camp’s main water tank for washing and cooking


They stop on their way at the camp’s main bathrooms so she can wash her face. Residents keep the bathroom here clean to avoid the risk of catching coronavirus, she said.


She said she try her best to fetch water when there are less people around the tank so as to avoid the risk of  contacting coronavirus.


Cooks in her family’s kitchen

She carefully wash the vegetables her cousin brought to her family’s home, cut them ready for cooking and help her mother prepare lunch.

According to Muna, she knows it’s important for people to wash their hands regularly. This she said help prevent Covid-19 from spreading. She understands that the situation in Yemen is dire, and the need to reduce the additional strain of coronavirus spreading there is needed too.

She also revealed that the people residing in the camp don’t always have soap, but they still try as much as possible to wash their hands thoroughly.

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