How God Rescued My Younger Sister From Ritualists

Happy sunday to everyone, the whole things is still a shock to me how humans now love money more than a fellow human’s life.. It is only a fool that will say there is no God..

Yesterday at about 4pm my younger sister left for church only for us to wait till night and she did not return, we became worried and started searching for her, just for her to return very late at night looking very very depressed. That was the first time i saw so much fear in her eyes, the words that came out from her mouth there after were shocking.

She narrated how a car was parked as if it was faulty along the path she took to church, and as she walked by, someone grabbed her from behind with a hanky, that was all she could remember… Only for her to see herself on a tarred road standing in front of a woman.

She then asked the woman where she was and the woman said ‘3rd’ (Benin city) she screamed and told the woman she was from Ogida barrack(benin), the woman then told her how a car came and threw her away, with the driver screaming MAKE UNA THROW ALL HER THINGS GIVE HERE, and the car hurriedly zoomed off..

The woman then gave her some amount of money to get back home as she was with no cash on her!!! It was God oh, by now i for don loose my baby oh!!!!

I still don’t know how people feel about money rituals, if this ritual was so real, Nigeria ought to be the richest country in the world, and Ijebu Ode would have been the most beautiful town in the Universe, please inform your loved ones to be vigilant.

Like i said earlier be at alert oh, the quest for money is real!!

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