How I Burnt My Chest After Using Harsh Chemicals

I saw a thread this morning about a guy complaining about a little scar he has on his hand, this gives me the courage to spill out what am currently battling right now. Here is my story. Please pardon my English.

My problem started about 3 week’s ago, I noticed a discolorations on both sides of my chest on my brest area pricisely, it was slightly lighter than the rest of my body, i showed my friend and he said he couldn’t see anything that am just over reacting, i am a very shy guy by nature. I was restless because i couldn’t take off my shirt because of it.

I started doing some Google search on how to make the area slight darker to match my surrounding skin, during my Google search i found a product used mainly for vitiligo condition, but couldn’t find it in any big pharmacy so i ordered it online and it arrived in 3 day’s.

The instruction on the label that came with it was to apply it on affected area and expose the skin to sunlight for 1 minute, then to wait until 2 – 3 week’s before repeating, but i was so desperate for results that i couldn’t have such patient because i really wanted to get instant result, so i applied the liquid on my chest area which is a very small scar like a dot, and unfortunately it rolled to other areas on my chest which wasn’t affected. I still foolishly went ahead and exposed the areas to the sun, i exposed it thought the sun coming through my window, i laid on my bed because it is around the window area.

I exposed my chest area from 1:13 pm – 4:00pm, the next morning i found out that the area was darker than my surrounding skin, the next day i applied bleaching cream to make it lighter, on the third day i found out it was now very reddish than my surrounding skin. I bought razor to scrape the area in other for it to peel off and for a new inner brighter skin to appear, but unfortunately it became worse because i had some slight injury from the scrape.

I was confused so i did some research on Google and found out about chemical peels, i ordered the 30% strength for 13k…. The seller warned me to text patch it on surrounding skin that isn’t visible and wait for 24 hour’s after seeing that it gave me no negative reaction before using it on where i intends applying it, he also warned me to dilute it in water to reduce the strength, but i was so desperate that i couldn’t wait for 24 hour’s to text patch it before applying it on my chest. The day i bought it i applied it same day, it also rolled over to other surrounding skin that din’t got darker from the effect of the first product i applied.

The image’s below are the stage by stage description of what i went through :

Please i need help and advise on what to apply and how to get my skin color back before this damage, i have been so depressed and unable to sleep this past few day’s, because of this damages that i caused to myself.

This is how it was before applying the first product product i bought


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