How I Suffer For 19 Years To Get Pregnant – Mother Of Twins Share Her Experience

A mother of a twin boy and girl, Mrs Roseline Rufai, has shared how she went through hell for 19 years just to get pregnant.

Mrs. Roseline revealed she went through different things including falling into the hands of fraudsters who took advantage of her predicament, being thrown out of her matrimonial home, sleeping at bus stops, eating maggots, joining mammy water spirit group and even contemplating suicide.

“After two years into the marriage, there was no child. Various hospitals became my second home, five years after, there was still no child. The doctors found out that I had blocked fallopian tubes while my ex-husband, Benjamin, was diagnosed of low sperm count. Treatment commenced immediately, yet, there was no result.” she told Sun News.

Trouble started on the sixth year of waiting when her husband sent her packing.
“Trouble started after six years of childlessness, friends and relatives advised me to go to Ibadan and consult a traditional medicine man, who they said could solve my problem. My husband bade me farewell to Ibadan in Oyo State.

On my return after six days, I met my house locked up…He confessed that I did not do anything but cannot endure living with a woman for six years without a child. I was dumbfounded but faithfully looked up to God for consolation.” She moved on and continued her search for a child.

“My businesses boomed, but I was not a happy woman. There was a big vacuum that was needed to be filled up. That vacuum was a child from my own womb. There was no church or prayer mountain that I did not visit in search of a child before I met the father of my children. My legs have visited many places in search of babies.”
She spent so much, from hospitals to traditional homes, to churches, to mountains, occultic homes and more. Read the full post from source below.

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