How it works satisfying a customer and succeeding in business – I. A. Dickson

It was a visit to a friend. While at the sitting room I felt the need to walk around, perhaps to take some look. The environment was dirty, it wasn’t a place you expect great men should patronize for anything. like some of the locations in Mararaba Abuja – Nigeria, Such location exist everywhere around the globe. Beautiful cars parked. Just a look behind; the other side was busy enough to proof an event. It seems that’s where the show is happening. Stepping forward to see what performance was going on – and behold, it was a restaurant. But why,? I wondered. And I went for further findings. Despite how dirty the environment is, food here is well prepared and neat, the chefs are neat too. Customers are treated well and everybody is been attended to on time as well as good relationships one with another… that was the only findings that convinced me about the population.

Time matters a lot in business. It is not an idea to suggest when you would create awareness concerning a business; immediately you have commence on a business you also need to commence on creating awareness. This is because someone must know you are there before they can come to patronize. For that reason, you do not suggest creating awareness later_ but now. And of course, you can do it now. There are many strategies to succeed in business but it would take you to understand and use them. Like I told us, ‘someone must know that you are there.’ It pays to let people know about your idea. Do not just wait, waiting is a delay and delay, is generally considered – dangerous. Many successful business men and women today consider time factor. They are time conscious in their business. They succeeded in business because they stick to time. No matter how good a company may be in their production, when people do not know about you, they pass you to another. ‘I have passed good business places to another where i was not given the service i wanted just because I had no idea they exist.’ You will need to advertise on the internet, have a banner, print complementary cards, go on the radio and talk to people about it. Now are days it is becoming a simple strategy to see that other people know about your business. This same strategy is applied to satisfying a customer. In like strategy you must learn to maintain a customer as that remains a good sense to your success in business. That means satisfying your customers and you must be kind-did to deliver good and quality services.

As I look at the telecommunication system, I get more satisfy whenever I am inform of the error for not reaching the other number; unlike when there is no signal. As part of your effort, try and discover the strategies other successful business men and women out there uses and apply them. Again you look for what the people want and give it to them ‘not necessarily involving yourself in corrupt practices. When there is a business transaction between you and your customer, “do they leave been satisfied with your service”? Do you always have the product they need- ‘especially when you are a dealer of such? There are many people that would by-pass other factories and business places like yours in other to patronize you, or maybe they just fill a little more comfort with your services; if you have disappointed them the other day, do not do same again today or another day. Always know, the 1 customer who go crazy haven been satisfied with your services can bring more than a 100 customers.

Where there is a purpose is always a vision. Have you ever come to a point where there is only one thing that you focus? Guise if you want to start a business or to further your education; such as it is an intend and a good one; the reason for that desire is in the purpose. A fulfill purpose is a product of a discovered vision. There could be a stop at the middle of an endless activity, but when there is purpose, you focus the new thing (ahead). Realizing that you have a purpose is a different thing from discovering a purpose. It is possible to say “I know I have a purpose” but, what purpose do you have? Every discovered purpose demands a persistent focus. Here, what you are doing becomes the mirror you are looking at; and as you look at the mirror, it is the picture and the direction to your destiny. So you can’t just stay without doing anything about your purpose. Remember, by purpose, I mean what you are made for. You know your purpose in that business ‘aren’t you? Purpose turns vision into reality. Your personal ambition can become smaller but passion for your purpose keeps you on the run until your ability to fulfill the purpose is constant. In all of these you need divine wisdom to fulfill a divine purpose. No one ever knows you than you know yourself. So, what you say to these things is equally what the whole thing is. I am saying this to clarify you why you must go on strong and not be discouraged.

Never should you go scared or afraid of starting a business because of the risk revolving around business. ‘oh you will need to pay your staff, what if the unexpected or the unusual happen Or the goods you ordered from the factory ends up not functioning?. Or the problem you may come across. There is no problem that does not have a solution. If only you look well the solution is by the corner. Even when the problem is universal, the provision will also be universal enough to overshadow the problem. So, there is no doubt to whether or not you will because, even if you doubt in yourself, I know you know “there is always sometimes battles in the journey of life; the other day might be good, another day is a problem. But as you move on, you will get to a brighter day because God is always there to see you through.

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