How My Generator Was Stolen Last Night And How I Found It Back

The Street Is Getting Hot! My Experience Last Night.

About Last night…

Between 7:40pm – 7:45pm, It was dark, weather wasn’t cooling down as quickly as it should and I’ve bored to eternity. So I decided to put on the generator to see a couple of movies I downloaded during the day.

I took the generator out to the backyard but for some funny reason, I opted to parboil rice first and set it for final cooking before returning to the generator.

Once done, I picked the gallon of fuel and that of the oil back to the the generator, and fiaaaaam, like a stunt in a Nigerian movie, my “Gen” was gone. I was stunned, my neighbour’s generator was actually ON at the time, so I came back inside and went straight to check if any of neighbours returned it inside while I was in the kitchen, NONE!…lol, water don pass garri!

My landlady happened to be around and I sort of whispered “ndi a parala my gen o” and she was like “whaaat??!!, Please don’t be joking like that” and reiterated I wasn’t. Hunt for the gen started.

We went back out, I gently searched around, for footprints that weren’t mine and which seemed to be moving away from the building and after some minutes, I found one, still fresh and at the edge of the fence where a heavy downpour with its accompanying breeze, brought down a part of the fence with our neighbours at the back. Drew the woman’s attention to it, and she shouted even more.

I followed the footprint carefully but lost it halfway through the other building, but proceeded to the front where a couple where already watching from, trying to decipher what the noise was about. I told them as I got there and they said no one had Crossed them there, and on the strength of that, some others who had gathered after hearing the alarm my landlady raised, suggested we begin searching the front of the building adjacent to us at the back.

We started the search, with the help of the other guys who came out there, after some minutes..I found the generator, carefully kept under a table but partially covered with some rags for disguise.

All along I was largely speechless, but deep down I was enraged, super enraged but tried well to keep my cool.

You’re under lockdown, I’m under lockdown..our stupid politicians are only after making radio and TV announcements without accompanying actions and Na my own Gen an idiot go wan move!!!

After this experience, I think I will get a nice machet, sharpen it front and back, and drop it closeby because I know this will get to a stage where some idiots will attempt to pick something from your room through the burglary, and nwanne if I jam that hand, just accept that the part that got in through the burglary is gone for good!!

The police and other security agencies are busy chasing Keke drivers and Okada who defied lockdown to try and feed, so none would be available to help o.

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