By I. A. Dickson

Public speaking is an important skill. You will need to be confident to be able to carry on the task. As a public speaker, you’ll own the platform or stage in which you’re speaking on and you’ll flow as well and eloquent as you would when gisting one on one with a close pal.

What gives most people confidence in public speaking is the quantum of knowledge thy possess on the topic of discussion. Every speaker in the world today have had stage fright, that can only play long when there is no adequate information on the given topic. You can boost your confidence by reading and Learning well and, do not forget, always be a better listener.

How To Become A Skilled Public Speaker

  1. Read books that has to do with your line.
  2. Watch videos and above all be self confident.
  3. Be bold and believe in the ability to succeed.
  4. Attend leadership training.
  5. Read related posts and articles; there are lots of cool ebooks on public speaking and generally on”Communication skills”
  6. Always take some time to relax, take some Chilled drink and think.
  7. Attend ceminals, sit and listen to other speakers.
  8. Go to occasions, not club.
  9. Watch educating movies.
  10. Try your possible best to speak boldly to your friends and always address your friends, observe their reactions as you pass your message.
  11. Practice! practice!! and practice
  12. Start speaking publicly, not minding whether you would make mistakes or not.
  13. Start from where you are, and from the little you know. You don’t need a seemingly big platform to communicate effectively. You become better as you do these.
  14. Volunteer to teach in a primary or secondary school, or school awareness campaign program and learn to communicate without grammatical errors, u’ll be good to go.
  15. Take some new courses
  16. One on one EVANGELISM for about two months. The boldness that will posses you will even surprise you.


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