How To Care For Repaired Perineal Tear

Many people suffer not from the tears themselves but from the complications of not caring for the managed tear. @NaijaObgyn advice on how to care for Perineal Tear.
A surgical incision made at the vagina entrance to allow the delivery of the baby Repair of episiotomy is Episiorrhaphy.
Care Tips
Complete your antibiotics/multivitamins/pain relief
Sitz Bath
Please use LUKEWARM water, mix with salt, fully dissolved/disinfectant & sit in for 20-30 minutes. NO HOT WATER, it can burn you & breakdown the stitches. It helps the pain, healing & the hemorrhoids Change pad 2 to 4 hourly, keep the place dry.
Clean with warm water from squirt/peri bottl;
Prevent hard stool; increase water & fibre intake;
Keep your hands clean at all times when caring for the repaired area;
Use baby wipes instead of tissue to lessen friction;
Wipe from front to back;
Rest it helps the healing process;
No tampons, douching or sexual intercourse till you have been reevaluated
If you feel feverish, have increased/severe pain, notice a bad smelling greenish discharge or pus, notice redness & swelling around the stitches GO TO THE EMERGENCY IMMEDIATELY
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