How To Extract Files From A Damage Mac System

From time to time users of MacBook increasingly reports having their important files in a dead MacBook they and want to recover those data from it.

There are other method to extracting files from a bad Mac that isn’t booting. Like the MiniTool Mac Data Recovery method, which is a professional data recovery software designed for Mac system.

In this article I will show you one good way to recover your important files from the dead Mac system.

Assuming you an assignment to attained to at 10am and turning on your Mac at 8am you discover it won’t finish its startup process, how do you get access to the data as that is needed to complete your assignment? Many Mac users face this problem.

This method will not only help you recover files from Mac but other systems inclusive, so long it uses removeable hard drive.

The truth is as your Mac system is working normally and enabling you do all you need to do at any given time, you do not expect that it may become bad anytime soon. Accidentally, it may happen when you lease expect it and that may give you a blow, especially, when you haven’t backed up your important data. ***MiniTool ShadowMaker is a good backup tool for you***

The problem could be not powering on, not booting up, freezes while trying to load. Which mostly may need recovery service. This is why you need to make regular backup via Time Machine, an online host, cloning software, or a combination of all both.

What you want to recover for example may be photos, videos or documents.

Understand to an extent that rather than needing repair, you may just remount the drive properly. I advise a capable hand to open and run through this attempts first.

Apart from that, the data drive could be completely damaged leading to the problem and if that be the case, the recovery process may cost you some dollar, and is mostly done by professional.

Endeorance was having a presentation by 10am the next day. He was supposed to be present at the venue by or before 9am. His Mac system was having damage board problem and he needed replacement after repair attempt fails, meanwhile his presentation was saved in the HDD. When he called me around 6:30pm a day before his presentation, I ask him to come by 7:30 the next morning. With fear wondering how the file could be retrieve within the short time he declined and insisted we start the process that night until I confinced him. He came earlier than scheduled the next day and with 25 minutes his documents were in his new computer.

If you’re handy enough, comfortable with it or can find someone who can remove the drive from the dead Macbook. You just need a PH00 and T6 screwdriver.

i. Remove the drive from your computer

ii. Put the drive in a high rated external enclosure (External Harddisk Connector).

iii. Connect it on another working Mac or any available working system. Once the system can detect the connected drive, you can access the drive and the information you need.

Or run Disk Utility.

Some how, “”mounting your Mac on another Mac in Target Disk Mode may help repair the drive even when the Mac won’t otherwise boot macOS, or copy the needed files even if the drive is damaged.”” Not guaranteed.

Note that this option of just taking the hard drive out of the bad Mac and putting it in an enclosure may be so so unfortunate for you if you are technologically handicapped. You may get great instructions like this online, on extracting from the hard drive, but without the confident to take the bold step.

If that be the case, what you need to do is to take it to a local Apple store, and they would take it out for you. That could cost you some few dollar but may be worth it.


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