How To Get Skill And Degree In Nursing Career

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In these article, I will share with you why enrolling into the university is important even though you first enrolled into the school of nursing.

First I must tell you that both are good.

Going to nursing school is better in that it gives you a better experience. If you are looking for promotions, then the university nursing is superior. University will give you Bsc, RN and RM. In the other hand, school will give you RN(Registered Nurse). With your Bsc you are going to earn more in Nigeria. Note: if you don’t have a good knowledge that will not happen in countries that prefer those with the knowledge.

You can first go to nursing school for the practical skills of becoming a nurse, thereafter, go to the university. Truth be said, in Nigeria, studying in university will give you the certificate. You may stay two years and more in the university without practical.

If you study nursing in the university you will be paid higher, but you gain more knowledge and experience in the nursing school because you are always on practice. Both can not be compared. Have you heard of university doctors being thought by student hospital teachers.

I have heard many who could not get jobs in government hospitals with their RN, just because they went through the school of nursing, they are not regretting anyway. With your RN, you can work in private hospitals.

If you will ask me, it is better to get the knowledge than having the certificate with nothing to offer. Nursing school is the best in terms of knowledge. To better it, if you want to become one of the best nursing student, you can first enroll into nursing school and be good with the practical. Enroll into the university thereafter for the certificate (apply direct entry to the university to get the degree). By then you must have become even more experience than others doing the same course with you and even working too.

I know many people get discouraged with the stress and frustration they got in seeking for jamb admission

If you are waiting admission into the university to study nursing, while await admission, you can enroll in a 1, 2’or 3 years nursing practice with a good hospital near you. Or you may choose to enroll into university and do auxiliary after school to get more knowledge.

Another thing is that nursing school is slowly getting scrap in some states. Many courses has also been added to the university courses so even after your nursing school, enrollment into the university will be necessary. A skill and Degree nurse is outstanding professional in the society.

Knowledge they say is power, ensure you put effort to get a better practical skills that will make you become a professional. With your skill and certificate you are up there flying.

Best luck.


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