How To Prepare Shawarma From Scratch

See simple steps on how to make shawarma

There are simple steps for every snack. There are lots of snacks available. Most are easy to make, others take longer time to make. The common snacks include: meat pie, cakes, doughnuts, fish rolls, cookies, egg rolls, sausage rolls and lots more.

Shawarma is very delicious. It is packed with lots of nutrients that are really tasty and nice for consumption. The prices of shawarma vary with location. In certain places in Nigeria, it is sold for as low as six hundred naira( #600). I was told in the US it is sold for $5 USD. You can help me verify if you are close to the US.

Most people use shawarma as a full meal because it is filling.

Another beautiful recipe is here for us to learn friends.. It’s chicken Shawarma.
Chicken shawarma when properly made tastes like nothing buh

The main ingredients for Shawarma:

2 pita breads
2 chicken laps
2 chicken franks

Pita bread or shawarma bread or Lebanese bread is available at SPAR supermarkets in Nigeria. You get 2 Shawarma wrappers from 1 pita bread.

For the Chicken marinade:h

What you will need to season the chicken which forms part of the shawarma filling.

A small piece of red onion2 cloves of garlic1 teaspoon thyme1 teaspoon cumin1 teaspoon parsley½ teaspoon ground cayenne pepper½ teaspoon black pepper½ teaspoon salt2 Knorr cubes (chicken flavour)

For Shawarma Sauce:

For that creamy Shawarma Sauce that makes every bite memorable, you will need:

Sweet Chilli Sauce OR any Sweet Chilli SauceKetchup
Salad Cream

Shawarma Vegetables.

The following also go into the shawarma wrap:

A small piece of Cabbage
½ Red Pepper½
Green pepper1

Serve with a chilled drink


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