How To Present Yourself Attractive For Marriage As A Single Lady

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How To Present Yourself Attractive For Marriage As A Single Lady

In the guess to get a responsible man for marriage, you must be responsible too. Do not let wrong decisions mislead you.

Every man ‘no matter how bad they are, is looking for a good wife. Since this is true, it therefore mean that as a single lady, how you present yourself to him matters. As you look at yourself in the mirror you see how beautiful you are. Marriage is complex compare to boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or courtship.

Something about you must attract a man to look at you a second time and if what is attracting them is always on the bases of getting to know you better and a relationship, then you are on point.

There’re attitudes you can emulate, Number 5 will make your day easily.

You can change your looks. Your actions and your appearance can boost your chances to be attractive to your affections. Do not overhaul your looks.

Consider the following;

  1. Be neat: neatness is a habit. You don’t need to have cloths in dozens to be neat. You can wash and keep the little ones you have. Iron your cloths, take your bath at least twice a day. Apply a little perfume, take care of your skin.

  2. Be pleasant and appealing: He should be sure to always meet you in a good mood. If you are a pleasant person you will attract him. If he is not sure of having you in good mode or having enjoyable moment with you, he will not likely want to be in company with you or find you attractive.

  3. Educate yourself more: You wouldn’t like to be seen as a liability. You may not have the ability to enroll into the university but much as you can, train to become a better person.

  4. Don’t be a talkative: don’t talk like you don’t have work to do. Even if you don’t have anything doing at the moment, reading will be perfect. You are not a good talker by talking about everything everywhere. Everybody must not know you are around because you are a talkative. Even when you talk, you should make sense.

  5. Look at him and smile: Till tomorrow, this remain one top secret to stay attractive most ladies don’t emulate. Looking directly and maintaining eye contact with your affections accompanied with smile is a good technique as it makes you seem more attractive to them. Keep doing that at him and thank me latter.

  6. As a single lady, it is wrong to look down on the young man out there. They should perceive softening in how you speak yo them.

  7. Keep to shape and look healthy. No one wants to spend their lifetime marrying a sick person. Let it be that you lost the charming shape after marriage, not as a single. You may need to get the service of a fitness instructor to achieve these but take care of your looks.

  8. When you finally meet with him, give him a bit of your time and attention. Don’t let anyone discourage you: There could be one or two persons trying to convince you to shun him. Not all that look like advice is mend for your good. Especially, if it is coming from your boss at work. Most boss try to discourage their female staff from having anything to do with the young man they see their staff with. You must always note that your boss (male or female) may never agree their son marry you. So you build your relationship and in doing so, make sure your relationship do not interfere with your working. Remember, that you are beautiful does not mean every man would love to spend the rest of his life with you. There are men who will love to have you as wife and there are men who wouldn’t.”

  9. One better way to keep a relationship is to give priority to that one person. Developing a special interests for him will keep you in his heart and eyes.

  10. Refuse pride and just be your real self.

  11. Have a good character.

  12. Learn to cook.

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