How To Prevent Mosquitoe’s Bit In Your House

The more you environment is moisture, the more mosquitos you are likely to have parade your house. This is because moisture places is where mosquitos love to visit and stay. If your environment is dry, you are going to have very few of them.

As part of measure to reduce mosquitos and prevent them from biting you

  1. Put mosquito net in all your windows. The entrance door to your house should instantly be open and close.
  2. Use a mosquito net around your bed. Mosquito repellent spray also

  3. Do not abolish any stagnant water around your home. It has been cleared that mosquitos lay their eggs here. And so, it is one way to prevent much mosquitos around your home. If you have any bowls of water, you should clean them every day and if possible, have them dry always, as that will prevent more mosquitos accumulated around your house.

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