How To Track A Stolen Phone

This Is How To Track A Stolen Phone If You Have The IMEI Number Of Your Stolen Phone.

Can you recalled how you felt the last time you lost your phone? Or was it stolen? Didn’t you feel empty or with the since of not belonging?

Phones have become a very vital device in the human daily routine and losing it can turn down daily activities. Whether you misplacing your phone or it is been stolen, the truth remains that you are left almost unease and empty, shockingly you feel like you’ve lost all and it is going to take some time to recover from that emptiness, not necessarily because of the amount spent to purchase the phone but also because of the information and the purposes it constantly serve; which of course is far from just making calls or sending and receiving messages.

Every day, people lost phones. It is either the phone is stolen, misplaced and as your phone get missing with your SIM Card you lost GPS Location Or Internet Access. And if you think deep to how your phone got stolen you grow more anger to having some taut collect your phone at gun point and to some extent, you are been heavily wounded and beating to scone.

Losing your phone can be even more dangerous because most of the information you have on your phone could be very vital and private and having a total stranger access such data could strip you so many things ‘if not everything.

That is why it is important you write down the IMEI Number of your newly purchased phones in your jotter because with the IMEI Number you can track or blackly your stolen phones.

IMEI in full is “International Mobile Equipment Identity.” It is a unique code of a mobile phone and it is authorized by GSMA. And every phone has an IMEI Number. That IMEI number can be use to track a stolen phone.

This because any time a person uses any of the available network to either make/ receive calls or send and receive messages, the IMEI Number of the phone used at that particular point in time is automatically emitted and tracked.

If your phone is stolen, With your IMEI Number you can easily call your Network Provider to “blacklist.” Remember this is only possible when you have the IMEI Number of the phone.

Every Network Provider have the Database, and if the step is taken, the exercise will render the stolen phone useless on that Network. This means if you have 4 available Networks in the area and you place a call to all to “blacklist” the phone with the IMEI Number, any time the SIM Card of that Network is inserted into the phone and at anywhere, it will not work. That is one easy step to discourage phone stealing and I am using this medium to challenge every Network Provider to work on it. If this is done, the rate at which criminals extort people of their phone in Nigeria will reduce, when they end up not using or reselling the phone because no SIM Card works on it.

This is how to get your phone IMEI Number

You will always have the IMEI Number on the reverse side of a phone. Or on the package label.

One important thing you need to understand about the IMEI Number on a phone is that the IMEI Number is always one when you have one SIM Card. If you use a phone that supports two SIM Card, for a phone with two SIM Card will be two different IMEI Numbers.

With IMEI Number, it is possible to turn a stolen phone useless for the thieve. This has nothing to do with distance. That is one reason buying a fairly used phone is not highly recommended unless you are sure of the source. But if you do buy a secondhand phone, you can check whether your secondhand phone have been blacklisted or reported as a stolen phone. Imeipro.Info is a site that allows you to use the IMEI Number of your phone to check that. There are many sites like Imei.Info where you can enter your phone’s IMEI Number to get information about your phone.

Using a universal method
When you buy a new phone, you can use a universal method to check your phone IMEI. This work on all phones including IPhone and Android Phone. If you dial *#06# on any phone, the IMEI Number will appear.

You can also get the IMEI Number of a phone through ‘Phone Settings, About Phone” or ‘Phone Settings, System, About,’ to get the IMEI code of your Android Phone.

So let’s see how to use the IMEI tracker App to locate your lost phone
Google play has sone finder Apps. Like the IMEI Tracker and Anti-Theft App. Find My Device, Find Lost Phone.

You can follow step by step directives below to get started:

1. From google play store on your phone, search for “Anti-Theft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone.” Phone running on higher android version like 4.4. and above is needed to run this.
2. Run the installation – once installation is complete
3. Open and run the installed App and allow the permissions as you run the App. Permissions on calls, SMS, contacts, storage, Location. For instance, there is going to be a pop up like “IMEI Tracker with Anti-theft requires access to the following permission: Calls, Storage, Contacts… allow?” Make sure you allow those permissions because you are going to need all these permissions when there will be need to track your phone.
4. As you continue, note that the App has few Commercial Ads you will have to watch before you proceed. This you must match to enable you get to the next step. You can not skip the Ads but to patiently watch the Ads.
5. Next is where you put in the IMEI Number of your lost android phone… ‘tap track.’
6. A small window will appear showing different location (places) and close Proximity of your phone.
7. You can control your stolen phone. All you have to do is to send the Corresponding Codes. This will prompt the stolen phone send message about it’s location to your new phone.

Let’s take the number 5 into consideration

You can also use the IMEI Number as Anti-Theft Functions. While you are still in possession of your phone you can further protect your phone. Take your mind back to the number 5 of the step by step we just discuss on using IMEI Tracker App to locate your lost phone. You see “Track” and “Antitheft.”

When you have just purchase a phone, ensure you follow the above step to protect your device. If you protect your phone before it is stolen it will be easy to control the phone if it falls into a wrong hand.
So you tap Antitheft and set the PIN number. Ensure you remember the PIN number you set here.

Many people input PIN numbers to protect their phones, even as they create accounts with their devices and they end up forgetting the pass pin. That is bad. You are supposed to always write down every password you use in creating account or locking you phones. Don’t always conclude you will remember. You can write it down in a jotter you can lay hand on when the need arises, please, take note.


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