I Tried The ONION WATER Treatment For Hair DANDRUFF & Yepp!! It’s Working

Guys, I tried the ONION WATER treatment for Hair DANDRUFF & Yepp!! It’s working Woman dancing?

It’s been months… No itch, no yeye scalp dirt Raising hands.

*Just Onions
*pour in a Blender
*Add small water
*blend till it’s smooth
*Sieve to extract Juice
* massage into scalp
*Cover hair with a Wrap (I use nylons wraps sometimes)
*Leave covered for 30-45 minutes
*shampoo hair out
* stay consistent (once a week if you can)

*Voila!! peace be stillWoman dancingWoman dancing

For deep rich conditioning treatment;

Add Egg, Lemon Juice, even Honey.









Put onion water in shampoo, it helped with hair growth too.


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