Maintaining a house regularly can prevent putting big expenses to maintain it when things seriously got worst.

It is going to take a lot to manage a house, especially a big house. Owning a house settle a big part of your responsibility and is a big responsibility. As the owner of a house you know what it cost you to get a house built with your hardened money. It is going to take a lot to maintain the house. Like you consistently sweep the floor of your house and compound to keep it neat, maintaining your entire building is important to keep it strong for a long time without getting less efficient. Maintenance will efficiently keep your house and will save you money.

Build a small house you can easily maintain instead of a big house you will not find easy to maintain in the long run.

Do you know you can arrest any problems and prevent anything from going wrong with your house from the beginning? You may have the money for a big house today but you need to think about tomorrow. Getting a big house shouldn’t just be an attractive thing you have to do to tell that you have arrive. You have to think of it that ‘a big house comes with a big price’ before you venture into it because of the costs of maintaining a big house. Be sure your financial statue will handle it in the future.

A big house is a big asset and investments but you have to consider what you will get in return. You never can tell what tomorrow will be like and it will be a loss spending so much on a building you end up spending much that it generate when carrying out maintenance.

Take the following into consideration before you conclude on building a big or luxury house

Materials costs
Furnishing and the costs
Utilities and the costs
Energy and taxes
Cost of insuring the house
Cost of repairing and maintenance

Why should maintaining a house be an ideal think in your mind?

I remembered growing up and each time especially during raining season, mum always make sure she paved ways for erosion around our house. I didn’t need anyone to tell me why but I sensed it was a way to give erosion direction, away from the house. She always takes us along to clear the surrounding bushes from time to time till we could do it without her order. Whenever there was a leakage in the ceiling she always arrange for someone to climb the roof and fix it. From time to time, she had a way she take broom to remove cobwebs around the house. Within those years I’ve seen water running into different homes and many times most people ran into the rain to pave ways for erosion during a very heavy rainfall because earlier, they did not pave way around the house for erosion. I have also witnessed leakage in people’s houses during rainfall. The cobwebs and bushy environment around many houses also ‘I still remember.

I am not telling you story to say to you that paving way for erosion is the exact house maintenance I want you to understand here. Apart from cleaning or gardening, maintaining the structure, fixtures and fittings in the house to ensure that the house is safe should be prioritize.

For instance, when was the last time you check the roof of your house for leakage? Or inspect the foundation to see if there are holes around sealed. Does the cracks in the wall bother you at all? How about repainting the house and giving attention to that part of the house that is exposed to water when there is rain.

All these are problem you’ll need to fix. It’ll pay if you can regularly schedule out time to fix the little (minor) problems to prevent spending more time and money when things get worse. Sometimes it’s going to cost you checking your house regularly and taking time off work to stay on top of your house issue – and it worths it if you decide to spend less to fix the problem early than standing the risk of spending more when the issue worsen.

Handling the issue early save you a lot

* You spend less to maintain but spend more to repair

Take a look at the fence in picture above, it can stand the next 20 years and more if well plastered and guided from the ground but as it is, it’s at risk of standing the next 3 or 5 years. Plastering it is much cheaper compare to what it will take to stand a new fence if this one fell.

If you don’t take care of the problem when it is small and minor it gets worsen over time to a bigger problem and cost much more to fix.

Your house appliances are in good condition
Nothing keeps your house significantly strong like giving it the necessary maintenance from time to time. In the like manner you sweep and clean your rooms, kitchen and it’s surrounding on daily bases, you’ll need to consistently carry out the house maintenance too.

* The value of your house is high

I wanted to buy a second hand laptop from a friend who was leaving for Dubai and after valuing it for N27,000 and discovered it has a faulty CD Rom drive so I re-bargain and this time it was N20,000. And that is because I discovered issues I have to take care of. Every other thing can drop in value after a short while if you decide to resale but the resale value of a house increases for as long as the house remain, especially a well managed home.
You could spend a big amount of money to erect a house and if you decide to sale the house you are bound to make profit worth even more than you spend building it. However, this value can drop if you didn’t give it the necessary maintenance.

Your house is one expensive asset you’ve got

You’ve put in a whole lot of money in the house project. If it was an asset that would last for a year or two you wouldn’t have spend much to erect that standard. Such expenditure for a befitting house need expensive care, maintenance too. You will have to add value to the house and that is in the place of maintainance. Since the house is an asset, you may want to rent or sale it for money in the future and if you are going to rent or sale it out for a better price, you will need to maintain it hence if you neglect keeping it fit the value will drop.

There are many ways to maintained, clean and keep your house safe and if for any reason anything go bad, it is in your hand as the owner of the house to take responsibility for anything that breaks down around. Don’t overlook this issues no matter are minor you think they are.


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