Indian Doctors Carried Out Successful Surgery On Odinaka Nweke’s Stomach, Removed Huge Tumour In The Process

Shared on the official Facebook page “Igbos Love Themselves Charity Foundation,”

ABJgalaxy gathered that “Igbos Love Themselves Charity Foundation,” contributed to the surgery of one Odinaka Nweke Emmanuel.

The support by the group came after the Odinaka Nweke, who is from Ikwo, Ebonyi State, cried out for help.

The foundation funded both the trip and surgery; took him to India. The surgery was done by some Indian Doctors at Batra Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Odinaka Nweke Emmanuel has been with gastric cancer, he undergone surgery which turn out successful as the doctors removed Huge Tumour in his Stomach.

The Foundation wrote;

“Please if you love what we are doing,
If you love and proud of been an Igbo
If you love the God almighty
And want me to continue this work pls I want you to post this good news direct to your facebook account or page,
that God have used Igbos love themselves charity foundation to save the life of master Odinaka Nweke Emmanuel from Ebonyi state, in Batra hospital New Delhi India,
as you do so God almighty will remove sickness and premature death in your life, your Children including all your family members in the name of the almighty God Amen, am waiting to see it on your wall.”

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