Is It Proper To Engrave Your Laptop With Your Name! Or Your Plate Numbers On Your Vehicle?

“Peter had earlier engraved his laptop but later decided to resell because he needed some urgent cash. He urge me to accompanied him to convince some of my colleagues in the field who buys. At the end, he learnt his lesson from the fact that nobody agrees to buy, because it was engraved.”

There is nothing you buy today – no matter no matter the amount – that you cannot resell tomorrow if you decide to. This advice for car owners are only. It can be your laptop too.

You might have come across cars engraved with the vehicle plate number. Some times, it is done on the side mirror or glass. You may think engraving a car is an old school think; If you’ve ever carried out inspection on vehicles at the seller’s car stand, you will agree with me you have seen cars with plate numbers written on the glasses. To some extent, the plate numbers are boldly caved out on parts of the car like the headlamps etc. Sincerely, engraving a car with the plate number makes it difficult for criminals to steal on vandalized the car. It could serve as a good reason to engraved plate number on your car if you are never going to want to resell the car. There had been instances where criminals removed the two side mirrors of a car but left it on the floor because they discover the plate number on it.

Do not engrave your car with your car plate number if you are ever going to resell the car as second hand. This is because your car could be a good ride, but have many buyers lose their interest because you engraved the car with the plate number. More so, the second hand value drops drastically.

Instead of engraving the plate Number on the vehicle, it is advisable to engraved the vehicle identification Number (VIN), also known as chassis Number on the vehicle. VIN is a permanent feature of the vehicle and should be engraved instead of the plate number. Your VIN and vehicle plate number are two different means of identifying a vehicle.

The vehicle plate number on the other side is not a permanent feature of the vehicle. There is the possibility that the plate number get change. If that happens, clearing the previously engraved number become difficult except to replace the engraved parts like side mirror, which could be expensive.

Buying an engraved car?
Know that you can not legally register an already registered car in Nigeria without following the due process that involves authentic change of ownership and so on. To avoid been put into trouble, ensure you collect copies of the Plate Number Allocation Form and Proof of Ownership Certificate showing the engraved number. This is what you will use to get change of ownership and new plates for the car.

NOTE: Some owners fix a plate number meant for their older car on their newly purchased car without proper documentation. Somehow, they engraved the same number on the car. Buying such car is another wahala on its own. Find out before you buy!!!

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