Is Where I Am Now Part Of God’s Plan For Me?

Where you are right now is part of God’s plan for you. When God was molding you ‘fixing the eyes, legs, hands and so on’ He knew who you are going to become. And so rest at the place you are now. You may not be where you want to be, life may take another direction but you are on a journey to something more important than where you are right now. And that is the fact that you are a child of God made by him. God allow you through the whole journey to get you here (where you are right now). Don’t get mixed up. The reason why God brought you thous far is to prepare you for the grater place and assignment ahead.

Be interested with your work but always know God more. This is because there is a place God is taking you to and to get there is the reason for where you are and where you are is not for what you are doing but for God and God can put the skill of what you are doing and make you become perfect and explore outside. Change your priorities and focus each day with God.

Is Where I Am Now Part Of God’s Plan For Me? Yes. God only review matters like this because He has seen the future and want you to follow it right in other to get there – and not get out of the destiny God has for you. This things I am sharing is God’s heart for you. God is saying ‘how I wish he knew what to do to get out of this circle of loneliness, lack, sickness.

Like David, he was anointed to become king. Joseph was to be King in Egypt but had to pass through the prison to get there. God has also plan that you are going to become the you of today and the you of tomorrow. There could be someone right now at the position where God plan for you but at the right time you are going to be there. Now, because you are going somewhere you are going to see many problems, please be the solution where possible. Face the challenge, face the now so you can be able to attend your tomorrow.

What you are doing at these level and where you are today is service. If you know you are serving and that what you are doing is keg, it will help you not to give up. While you’re still doing what you are doing now I want you to know that you are going somewhere bigger. Never stop learning. What you think you know start again and never assume you know it all.

NOTE: The experience you gather today may just be what will catapult you to where God want you to be tomorrow. Therefore, value it. Value the pains of today. If you find yourself in any problem today, somehow, you will get out of it. Refuse to give up.

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