It was a 5 minutes silence observed by FWC today 14/01/2018, to honor thousands of Nigerians killed recently by the so called fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

It will occur to you that most Gospel leaders are seriously speaking against the recent killings that has claim lots of lives in Nigeria over the years. Now it is getting clearer that thousands of Christians in Nigerians have been rendered homeless, killed and made to runaway from their homes by the so called boko haram and fulani herdsmen in recent time. Despite the recent relocation of the IG of police to benue, it seem the government is not going to help in any sense, because of the continues killing and the government’s quiet treatment given on these regard. The most shocking part is the fact that though the government was fast enough to bring the Biafran’s agitators that had just started its peaceful protest for independence without any killing to order late last year and declaring them as “terrorists group” but have not been able to bring the brutal killings of over 90% Christians by (boko haram, fulani herdsmen) to an end and the inability to declare Fulani herdsmen who is going about killing openly and having 100% freedom thereafter’ as terrorists group. Few days ago, the president who have not visited any of the Nigerian hospital in respect of the victim of boko haram and herdsmen was seen visiting the hospital because of his son who just had a mere accident. In recent time, blood had been share, innocent children had been killed by herdsmen in Taraba State, Nassarawa State, Adamawa State, Kaduna State, Benue State, Plateau State and it’s environs; mostly Christians. The killing by herdsmen is becoming the topics of the days and the people been killed are Christians, making it clear enough that these killings is not political but religious.

However,  Pastor Sarah Omakwu, Pastor, Family Worship Centre Abuja, has been so sad overtime about these unreasonable attacks and as such condemned it. “God could have made us all have one religion but He gave us the freewill to choose our religions. Therefore, every Nigerian has the God given right to practice any religion of their choice. According to her, it is better for corruption to continue than any more of this killings in Nigeria. The Pastor also urges the entire Church to stand as they observe a 5 minutes silence today in honor of the victims. The entire Church members were spotted, dressed in black. Prayers were offered to God to judge and recompense the wicked in our land who masterminds, sponsor or support the continues killings and for a better Nigeria.

It was a sad story of a nation that over 20% of the church members do not have voters card and over 70% not belonging to any political party, meanwhile, the pastor revealed her sincere heart to the members to get themselves registered in political party of their choice and run for sits. She also urge every Nigerians who want peace in Nigeria and had not gotten voters card to try and get voters card and be ready to vote during election. We voted for change because we thought it was going to be better; now we will change again”.

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