June 12 Was More Credible Than 2019 Presidential Election – Jeremiah Useni

Former Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja and Plateau State governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Gen. Jeremiah Useni (rtd) has said June 12 presidential election was more credible that the 2019 presidential polls.

He noted that the adoption of June 12 as Democracy Day was long overdue, adding that it wasn’t an APC affair.

Useni stated this on Friday after hearing on his governorship petition at the tribunal sitting in Jos, Plateau State.

“To me, the June 12 election was more credible than the 2019 presidential election. We should have being celebrating June 12 long time ago as our democracy day.I am in PDP and I don’t want people to take June 12 as an APC affair, everybody knows what happened.”

Gen. Useni noted that he was one of the class associates of Chief MKO Abiola whom he defended in several quarters when argument on if he (Abiola) became president, he was going to pay himself all the debt that government was owing him.

“Abiola was my good friend; I defended him in one of our meeting when some people said if they gave him the presidency, he would first take all the money the Federal government was owing him, and I said why not? It was government that gave him the contracts and why was he not paid? If he paid himself, there would be nothing wrong with that.”

Useni said it was better to have deprived Chief MKO Abiola from contesting the June 12 presidential election than annulling it, saying the situation drew the country backward.

“some of us were not happy when the election was cancelled. Why did they allow him to contest the election if he was not ineligible? Why was he allowed to contest in the first place if proper screening was not done,” he asked.

He described democracy as a good system of governance but lamented that some of the actors in the democratic practice are very bad.
Useni noted that civilian administrators should take the courage of creating state and local government areas in the country to make democracy closer to the grassroots.

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