Lady Speaks After Botched Cosmetic Surgery Make Her Want To Kill Herself

Omotola Taiwo Temilade, had called out Dr Anu Adepoju of MedContour after a botched cosmetic surgery failed.

According to her, she had to spend over a million Naira to treat herself after the botched surgery.

Speaking to BBC pidgin, Omohtee said she wanted to make her tummy flat and “top up” her butt, which took her to MedContour for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Liposuction, where she paid 1.2 million Naira for the procedure.
After the procedure, her body was a mess as she could not stand, she added that her waist became numb.
“After the surgery, I started having complications. I started having belly burns, waist burns, waist numb and after two months I started having fat necrosis.
“Fat necrosis is when liquid fat that has turned into dirt starts coming out. The thing will just come out like boil, come burst, start to dey comot the fat.

Up till now, my waist is still numb. As I stand up like this, my body is not complete. One is bigger than the other, she said.
Shafter surgery

Narrating the story, she said she couldn’t bathe alone, her brothers had to help in carrying her. She thought of taking her life. That was not possible for her because her brothers hid the knives and every other dangerous object in the house from her.
She said she constantly wondered who will marry her now that everyone knows that she had a botched surgery.
Sharing the story she express her intention to make others ladies learn.

According to Dr Anu who reacted to the development, said that Omohtee is to be blame for not following post-surgery instructions.
He said;

“She come hospital come see us for follow up when she get issues. And usually, when you advice patients on wetin to do after surgery and them no follow am because dem feel say dey Sabi how to take care of themselves e dey give issues and at the end of the day, them go say na doctor cause sam.”

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