Last Fling Before Wedding Is Very Dangerous

Earlier in March, she brought her wedding invitation card with a bottle of wine to my office to inform me about her wedding. I was so happy for her, at least she finally found that special man she had been searching for all the while.

We talked a lot about past times and popped the wine in celebration. As we giggled and laughed over a lot of things, without even knowing what I was doing, I walked around my table, got to her seat and perked her lips, and went back to my seat. I couldn’t remember whatever else we discussed after that small touch of lips, but we ended up having a quick one on my desk.

Since then, I’ve been trying to brush her off my mind, and I kept reminding myself that she was in my past, furthermore, she would be getting married a week after Easter.

Fast-forward to yesterday, she came back again.
This time, she came to the house. She said that she came to specially inform me that the wedding had been postponed till further notice.

I was trying to be straight forward and mean with her, before she asked what I cooked. Next thing, she started cooking beans and yam. I tried reminding her that we are no more together, then she told me clearly that after the night together, if I don’t want her again, then it would be her last night ever in my house.

Being that I have nothing to gain or loose, I kept quiet and enjoyed the night and still hoping for more.

I am not regretting anything here though.
Long Distance, and let me say “poverty”, made her leave me those days for someone richer. And she had been into series of relationships after separating from me, but we were always in touch. At times, we stumble and find ourselves deep inside ourselves again even when we were into serious relationships. We never really stopped.

And I don’t think we may stop any time soon, even after we both got married.
We have this thing together that keeps attracting us together, yet we don’t just want to be together in a relationship again.


This is exactly what a lot of intending brides and grooms are always passing through when their wedding dates are approaching, and that is, having one last fling with an Ex (or some Ex’es) before finally getting married.

You may think that it will end after you are married, but the truth is, it may continue.
This very person would be the reason you are not concentrated in your new family after wedding. You would always see yourself going back to him/her whenever the pressure of your newfound home is weighing down on you.
Please, this last fling of a thing is really bad.
It is really dangerous.
It is a Home Breaker.

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