Lesson From The Re-occurring Incidence Of Family Members Killed By Generator Fumes

From times to time, the news of family member completely wiped out by generator fumes in Nigeria continue to increase without preventive effort. One may be wondering ‘how do homeowners trying to be safe with generators get overtaken by fumes….? Do people sleep off and the smoke kill them or one person can’t even have strength to go and off the gen?

7 family member killed by gen. fume










Recent news have 7 family members ‘see picture above’ died for this reason. The repeated incidence seems real to a certain fact:

i. Lack of electricity: Electricity should be a universal right. In this part of the world where we we can not give common stable light prostrate a common picture of a certain people benefiting from the poor supply. Supposed there is constant power supply, there will be no need for generators and the purchase of fuel on daily bases.

ii. Lack of sensitization: If only the elderly members of the family knew the danger of keeping   generator running indoor, or near the window or door (or close to the room).

iii. The fear of going out at night to tune off the generator due to insecurity in the country, people prefare the generator to off when the fuel finish.

Somehow, this is as a result of carelessness of individuals in the affected families and the inability of the relevant bodies to inform the masses of the danger of generator fume. Though there are campaign about this, much need to be done.

Nigerians still remember the campaign promises of the 2015 that says ‘vote for us for power supply 24/7 .’ Till tomorrow, the power situation is nothing to write about… who do I blame to this end? Without cutting comers, I blame power holding companies, the government and ignorance of people _ if only the people would learn.

* Don’t always say “God will help us” that is very valid but has made so many learned people behave foolishly. Many people have drank and eaten contaminated water, beverages and food all in the guise of the above statement… My people perish for lack of knowledge… bible said so.

Remember that carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and poisonous, hence be aware that if you’re intoxicated, you can die without experiencing any signs.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, generators spit out an alarming amount of carbon monoxide. Just one can produce the same amount as 100 cars, “You will always see messages like ‘operate with adequate ventilation or only operate outside.’  Right next to it will be ‘use in dry conditions so you don’t get electrocuted,'” If you’re keeping it dry, you might have a ventilation problem. It may be expose to thieves if you are to keep in ventilated area. Whatever the case may be

* Do not use generator inside ‘Carbon monoxide is dangerous and poisonous.’

* Keep generators away from your house for a distance of  20 steps away using extension cable

* Point the exhaust of your generator away from the direction of your house, Windows or doors.

* Place generators according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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