Maid Raped By Her Arab Master’s Son, Gives Birth In Toilet

An African lady who travelled to Oman to work as a housemaid, gave birth in a toilet after being allegedly impregnated by her master’s son.

It was gathered that the lady who reportedly hails from Ethiopia was raped multiple times by her Arab master’s son at the house where she was baby sitting.

The maid reportedly got pregnant following the sexual abuse and had to conceal it out of fear until she gave birth recently in the toilet..

Her employer reportedly heard the cry of the new baby from the toilet according to Facebook user, David Sserukenya, who shared a video of the maid being interrogated while carrying her baby in the toilet.

It was also ALLEGED by David that the maid was later hung to death by her employer, as shown in another footage posted online.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

“This girl is from Ethiopia. She went to Oman for kyeyo , she was raped by a son , in the house where she was baby sitting. She got pregnant,, had no one to tell, feared, and decided to hide the pregnancy until she gave birth . she gave birth from a toilet and they got her after hearing the baby crying from the toilet. Thy decided to hung her. (As if she forced the boy to rape her).So sad. I feel bad when I here people boasting that the government is getting a lot of money from people going to Arab countries . I want to open your eyes. THIS IS MODERN/ADVANCED SLAVERY . Let all our children come back. Hon sserukenya clear empologoma ya sabagabo.”

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