Major Challenges Facing The Nursing Practice In Nigeria

By Mobolajifanny(m)


There is need to change the practice of nursing in Nigeria from performing roles of assistance to a proffession, driven by science and research through innovative leadership and modern technology.

Stagnation experienced in the profession on slow responses to innovation in the global health industry, intrusion of quacks as practitioners and weak administrative support which affects health care delivery expected in the 21st century noting that introduction of computer education into training curriculum of various programme by training institution must be encouraged.

We need to focus on facilitating acccesssibilty to qualitating technology that would provide opportunity for practicing nurses to acquire more know knowledge concerning current trends in the profession.

Lack of commitment on the components of nurses-several nurses just practice for practicing sake they do not see the intricacies of nursing as a care from nurse specialist rather they are committed to other issues of life than nursing care practice.

Non –participation in making policy. Policy making on health issues is a major challenges to nursing practice.

Lack of interest in research :Nursing proffession aims at providing quality nursing care by providing a scientific base for the practice of nursing. Thus, the input of research has become neccessary.. Unfortunately, only very few nurses are interested in research even through it is the responsibility of all nurses to do improve nursing care.

Quackery —The incursion of quackery in nursing has been a big threat to nursing practice in Nigeria. Everybody in white answer a nurse.

There should be reinforcement of the usage of the nursing and midwifery standards of practice.
The four core areas of nursing I. e curative, preventive,education,and inspectorate should be made functional.
Evidence based nursing practice should be adopted through research.
Nurses and midwives should be allowed to practice according to the dictates of their curriculate all levels of health care.
The nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria should fast track the process of introducing entrepreneurship into the curriculum of nursing training atll level.


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