Man Cuts Off His Tongue As Sacrifice To Prevent Covid-19

The incident that happened in Nadeshwari in Gujarat involve a 24-year-old Indian man, Vivek, who cut off his own tongue in what he believed to be a bid to (sacrifice to God), to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He was said to have done so in order to please a deity to protect others. He is said to have become anxious about the spread of the killer disease (covid19) which has clamed more than 160,000 lives globally.

Vivek had been employed as a stone cutter alongside eight others working at the Bhavani Mata temple in Suigam.

One of his co-workers said that he was an ardent devotee of Kali Mata. On Saturday morning, he left Bhavani temple saying that he was going to the market, but did not return. When his brother rang his phone, a stranger answered and told him what had happened.

According to police reports, Vivek did it thinking that by sacrificing the tongue he would please the god to stop the spread of Covid-19. Police were called by a priest, and arrived to find him unconscious.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors are trying to reattach his tongue. Only after a thorough investigation, we will know the exact reason for such a step.


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