Man Declared Wanted After Sealing His Wife’s Privates With Super Glue

A Kenyan man declared wanted after he sexually assaulting his wife and sealing her privates with super glue.

According to Police report, the suspect and his wife moved from their home in Marimanti, Kenya, scared that he would be arrested after having travelled from Nairobi where covid-19 lockdown order is extremely strict. As he and his wife reached Kathita River, the man then asked his wife to undress. He  threatened to kill his if she refused to obey the order. When she finally turned down his request to undress, the man descended on her with series of blows.

The man proceeded to adding pepper, salt and onions in his wife’s private parts, with aid of a knife, he then apply super glue mixed with sand. He also applied super glue on her ears and mouth before fleeing the scene to an unknown destination.

As of the time of the report, it was found out that the reason for the man’s action was because he received news that his wife was with another man while he was in Nairobi.

The woman managed to walk to the nearest police station, Marimanti Police Station where she reported the matter. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

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