CRIME: Man Molested Lady Inside Car During A Trip From Abuja To Akure

A video on social media has revealed how a lady travelling from Abuja to Akure was being molested by fellow male passenger.

According to ‘The Rough Hair Guy @DanielFaithArts,’ who shared the video as he tell the story;

“This happened to a sister of mine today in a public transport, this man molested her all the way from Abuja to Akure, she screamed and the people in the bus said she was overreacting, so she made this video, and even at that, a soldier on the road that she tried…

Reporting to told her to keep quiet or be detained because the said man spoke to him in Hausa. Why is it that our ladies are no longer safe? Kindly help retweet this till we can find someone that identifies this animal. #sayNoToRape

Please help us find this animal. I’m really livid, I just need someone to recognize him and help bring him to the fate animals like him deserve. Our girls are not safe with beasts like this roaming the street.”

Watch video here:

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