Man Who Re-designs Innoson Logo Got Innoson Chairman’s Invitation

Following the Innoson Logo design challenged that welcome creative designers across the country, which Farouq Osuolale also took part in re-designing the Innoson Logo. Farouq decided to join other creative designers across the country to upload his designed logo in the Innoson Logo design-challenged on a popular social media on 15th October.

The post logo which is up to standard compare to the old logo, draws the attention of many as so many people applauded Farouq. Within few hours from then, the Innoson Mottors announced officiallay that the chairman, Innocent Chukwuma is impress and want to meet with Farouq.

the attention of the Chairman/CEO of
has been called upon on your creative re-design of IVM logo. The Chairman is highly impressed and has requested for a meeting with you. Please DM to us your contact details for possible reach.








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