Many Killed In Herdsmen Attack On Villagers In Kajuru, Kaduna State

According to report, armed Fulani herdsmen attacked Gonan Rogo village, near Makyali, in Kufana District of Kajuru Local Government, Kaduna State.

It is said that the attackers arrived at the time the villagers were asleep and hacked down many people in the community.

17 people mostly women and children were killed in the attack with 6 others. A 3 months baby miraculously survived a bullet that passed through her mother’s heart to soft skull.

The victims were buried in tears yesterday May 13. The same day a second attack was carried out on Mikyali village in Kajuru LGA around.

Names of the people killed in the attack were given as follows:

1. Mailafiya Dallatu, 70 years old
2. Yari Dallatu, 60 years old
3. Na’omi Yari, 57 years old
4. Popular Teacher, 15 years old
5. Blessing Yari, 9 years old
6. Paul Bawa, 18 years old
7. Rahila Paul, 25 years old
8. John Paul, 6 months old
9. Jonathan Yakubu, 35 years old
10. Sheba Jonathan, 25 years old
11. Revelation Jonathan. 9 years old
12. Rejoice Jonathan, 6 years old
13. Patience Jonathan, 15 years old
14. Biyayya Lucky, 25 years old
15. Asan’alo Magaji, 32 years old
16. Yayo Magaji, 13 years old
17. Agei Magaji 8 years old.

Names of the injured were also given as follows:
1.Abinso Yusuf
2. Isaiah Jonathan
3. Markus Kakuri
4. Philip Magaji
5. Magaji Ma’aji
6. Zipporah Jonathan.

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