May you never live to bury your child… Nigerians React To The Pains Of Losing Their Children And Love Ones

Every parents feel grieved the moment they lost their love children. To them, a child is like the whole world and losing them is like an unforgettable experience especially when you see your child’s mate.

After a Nigerian, Ikhide, took to his Twitter handle to shared the trauma his parents went through after losing their son ‘his brother’;.some concerned persons and parents have joined in the conversation to express the pain of losing their children and love ones.

According to them, such experience come with pain. It is the terrible pain that stays a life time.


Ikhide wrote:

“Parenting is at once an act of courage, and of cowardly acquiescence. My parents’ trauma is the loss of my brother Ikekhuamen still haunts me to this day. And I was just 4 when he passed away at UCH Ibadan. I remember every wail. I remember. May you never live to bury your child.”

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