Miraclerous Health Benefits Of Mixture Of Bitter Leaf Juice With Milk

Benefits of bitter leaf juice mixed with milk

There are many popular healing properties and benefits of the bitter leaf juice which many people are not aware of. The truth is, bitter leaf is a common plant that grows everywhere, mostly grown in homes in Nigeria, popularly used in preparing bitter leaf soup. It’s a bitter plant and extracts from the stems or leaves are use for many medicinal purposes. Although many people know of the vegetable and eat soups prepared with it, not that much people do apply it because of it health benefits. If you do not have it at your backyard, I’m sure your next neighbour do and I advice you do same by planting some. Once a while, try putting it in your meals. That has lot of benefits.

Apart from adding the bitter leaf to your meal, you can extract its juice while it is fresh. Here you have all the benefits.

This article is hope to briefly discuss few of the health benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice. Mixing the juice with milk is beneficial to the body.

If you are used to drinking bitter herbs called bitter leaf juice, it will help cleanse your liver and kidney. A glass of bitter leaf juice at night can give you a good sleep. It’s medicinal benefits includes; improve to immune system, proteins, vitamins and minerals to the body. The Vitamin A, B1, B2, C & E have mixture of bitter leaf and milk includesively.

The bitter leaf juice prevents and cures diseases such as malaria, STD, treats skin diseases like ringworm, eczema etc.

If you have cough or toothaches, you can take bitter leaf juice for a cure. Take the juice from time to time if you are always around environment polluted by smoke and other dangerous gas. It protect the body against this.


The juice also improves appetite and cures memory loss, stomach-aches. If you always have problem with food indigestion, the juice is a helpful remedy for digestion.

Study have shown that taking bitter leaf juice help to cure Prostate Cancer… which is common in men above 40, resulting in difficult and painful urination and so on. The juice reduces the pain and also improve the flow of urine.

How To Get The Bitter Leaf Juice

A fresh bitter leaf juice is extracted from the bitter leaf plant by squeezing the leaves, then add milk.

When should you take bitter leaf juice?

This article is put together after a whole lot of research. It is good to from time to time extract and drink the bitter leaf juice but due to some side effects of bitter leaf juice which may make taking the juice become dangerous to the system, especially if you always have reaction after taking it.

Apart from that, too much of it is not good; and can lead to miscarriage. You must be wise while taking it for health benefits. Better still, it become important to seek the advice of a doctor.

Should pregnant mothers use bitter leaf juice? Yes.

The bitter leaf has lot of medicinal values and benefits to the human body. Some of it are;
a. Reduces the level of sugar in the blood and control blood pressure.
b. Treats malarial symptoms and reduce effects from fever.
c. Help prevent the risks of getting Cancer.
d. Treats diarrhea, stomach upset and other related issues.
e. Improve fertility in women
f. Helps in the production of quality breast milk in nursing mothers.
f. If you apply bitter leaf to your meal or drink the juice every day, it will help in weight loss.

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