My Boss Is Taking Credit For My Work

A member of a pupurly group have taken to public to share her experience with her boss.

According to her, they both have good times together but her boss seems to be taking the credit for her work

Read her post below:

Hello my fellow NLers,

I have been spending quite sometime on this forum recently, TBH, it has been informative, entertaining & quite educative.

I am presently in a dilemma and I need urgent input from experienced NLers, I believe we have experienced career people here that must have gone through what am going through at the moment.

I got a job about 6months ago, its quite a good job, thanks to Nairaland job section, on resumption I notice there was a total overhaul of my dept, all former staff were fired and we were employ to replace them. I resume same day with my Dept Manager two months later a junior officer was employ to join us.

I have had a fantastic relationship with my manager the past six months, and we are in good terms, we drive home together everyday, we chat, have quality conversation, even lunch together etc. but am really becoming worried about something else….

My manger seems to take credit for all my work, he somehow deny me opportunity to prove my worth to top management. Now I will give you a typical instance.

Whenever our GMD comes around, there is always a meeting with one rep from each dept. not neccessarily the departmental head, in his absence am suppose to represent the department, he denies me of opportunity like this.

He has on many occassions deny my opportunity to meet the GMD on job related issues, when the GMD needs to see someone from my dept. or sign some documents even in his absence, he either call me to handover documents to the GMD secretary or send an office assistant to drop the document.

Furthermore, on resumption, I noticed the coy still run their account dept manually, an accounting software was introduce, a software i have used for years, which he (my Manager) is not familiar with, though after the software was deploy, we were trained, even after the training he seems not to know his way around the software interface, i single handedly automated all historial data for the previous 2yrs, and my manager took the credit at the magt meetings. Without even mentioning my name, its really annoying.

I am totally pissed right not cos, he just got a pay rise courtesy to the successful deployment and automation of the accounting system, which he knows absolutely nothing about, which i singledhandedly, paintstakingly work on for over 6months even investing my Saturdays.

The above is one instance out of so many.

I expect a manager to represent work done my the department he manages as “WE in so & so dept” I have overheard him many times using “I”.

He personally ask me not to pass any dept info to mgt staff member, and all enquiries should be refered to him. I feel he doesnt want me to shine.

I need advise from fellow NLers who have gone through similar situation.

This is not really going well with me.

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