My Class This Morning In Canada – Happy Canadian

Hey Guys,

So I had an appointment which made me come to school early today, after that I headed to my class, as I walked in tears dropped my eyes, the memories of how crazy my class was during my undergraduate in Naija just came to my mind.

Take a look at a class and washroom and see the difference in the garbage we have back home. A school with every amenities u could ever think of,, name it . But in 9ja all we do is to glorify politicians that are illiterate, incompetent, corrupt and clueless, imagine the kind of president we have in this 21st century coupled with the cabals, how do we move forward?

Let me not talk of TRIBALISM AND ETHNIC BIGOTRY sef.. Well I won’t say much, I am happy I left and I am cool but winter will soon come shocked I will only think of Naija if I wanna come to see my Mum and siblings.

We need to do better in that country. Imagine a country with educated elites and see who is ruling us. And worst of it is that many Nigerian youths focus on irrelevant things probably scared of being picked up if they talk. If our government was responsible and accountable we would have had a better place.

Most times the weird and barbaric news I read here its saddening. It wasn’t as bad as this when GEJ was in power but we won’t accept the truth.

Say whatever u want to say but it doesn’t concern me until I decide to come home briefly, I am only speaking for the good of all. angry

May God help Us.. Peace!

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