My Experience As A Covid 19 Patient – Covid-19 Survivor

l want to first of all use this opportunity to thank God for saving my life from this dreaded virus called covid 19.

I’m from Edo state. I was one of the 20 people that were discharged on the 13th of this month.
My purpose of writing this piece is to enlighten the people, especially the unbelievers on this forum that this virus is real. It is not a propaganda. Yes, l do not argue the fact that Govt has a way of taking advantage of situations like this, but when you are knowledgable, there is an extent at which you can be fooled.

This desease does not have the power that we are attributing to it. It took me just 7 days to recover because my case was detected early. The reason why people are still dying from this virus is due to ignorance and scepticisms. And when they eventually fall sick, it becomes too late

The day l received the call that my result came back positive, the health officials told me to take my time to get ready, and, even though they had my home address, told me to let them know where it will be convenient for me to wait for them to come pick me up. I’m saying this for those who keep say how come they don’t see videos of patients on t.v. This was done so people don’t stigmatize people close to me. Trust me, Nigerians are very good (or should l say bad) at that. Infact, the day after l was checked in the facility, one driver that works at my office who lives on the same street with my sister, went to that street to announce to anyone who cares to listen that her brother has tested positive to corona virus. Immediately, they started to stigmatize my sister, her husband and their three children. And these are people that l have had no contact with for weeks.

So, my main reason for writing this is for people to stop being ignorant. Get tested immediately you start to feel unwell. Early detection is the key to fighting this thing. When you are been screened, answer all the questions truthfully, don’t hold any information back because it is due to the information you give that determines if you are eligible for testing or not. It is better you get tested and it comes out positive and receive treatment immediately than lie about your health, go home and die in ignorance.

Covid 19 is Real! Thanks.

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