My Sister And I Were Kidnapped And Raped, She Died – Talking Esther Shared On Facebook

2 years ago I and my sister was kidnapped � Some of my friends might know her… We went to get diesel and a lot happened that night. That was probably one of the longest night I’ll ever experience in my whole life.. It was full of torture, horror, pain, and tears�

I remember I was raped!!! Yes rape! Don’t give me that look � I couldn’t do a thing, just nothing but cry, plead and wail �.. They did same to my sister and I couldn’t do a thing… I just sat there with a gun on my head.. I failed in my duty as a big sister ����

I pleaded with them to let us go but no I passed out at some point � We were assaulted (the picture below) My sister died� She didn’t survive the whole torture. I escaped by a hair’s breadth
My dad was devasted ( looking at his once vibrant daughter bleed from, the nose and ears with wounds all over her head, her neck almost broken, a tooth gone and worst still she lay in coma for eight days) My family cried blood and tears � � �

But at the end God pulled me through. I reclined into my shell. I was a funny person but I became more that was to hide my pain and scars from the world �.

I found out I couldn’t be like this forever. I couldn’t stay in the dark forever. I came out and continued making friends but still when I walk in there dark and see guys behind me I still run. You can’t blame me you know

So here I am today alive, making memes and cracking jokes on Facebook but broken ��
Most times I wake up all sweaty and afraid Nightmares don’t cease I cry myself to bed� Only my pillow knows my pain..

The most pain is that I can’t even keep a relationship �.. One minute am good and happy and the next I don’t even know who I am again..

Why am I sharing this?
It took me a lot of courage to really come out…
The pain never goes! Put your sisters in her shoes before you think or raping or assaulting anyone � They’re never the same after that. The pain lasts a lifetime


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