My Take On Some Gospel Artiste At The Experience 2019 – ASU Ekiye

Asu Ekiye who is known for his Niger delta song woekelemo, said this on his Facebook page after the just concluded experience concert held at Tarawa balewa square

His reference is on gospel artistes who perform other artistes’ song during live performances.

He wrote:

When you are invited to a global platform like The Experience to minister in music and all you can do is to sing other people’s original songs except yours, then I think you are either passing through a fraudulent public appeal syndrom or you lack originality and professionalism
After twenty years of full time music ministry and with at least 4 album projects to your credit , you have problems singing your own songs in big events, then you need counseling.

You should be pitied rather than being celebrated.

Any gospel musician who has been in ministry for more than ten years and rely on popular songs rather than his own songs to appeal to a crowd is a mediocre brand.

However, I must commend the visioners of the Experience . It is a very powerful global showcase of our gospel music culture. I have been there twice and it remains the biggest stage in Africa.


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