Nigeria Is Not A Jihadist Country – Pastor Sarah Omakwu

Following the 7 days fasting observed by some prominent Christian bodies across the country which ended on Sunday 29th July, with green and white, the FWC Senior Pastor, Sarah Omakwu has again urged Christians not to tremble over the menace going on against the church of God. The pastor prophetically said that time is now for revival and that God is going to clean the length and breadth of Nigeria as He used to do in time past.

Narrating the story of Babylon, she said that Babylon had been bragging and bragging for years but it’s destruction took place within an hour.

“We can manover around corruption and we know how to live in a corruptible country; we can live around increase in dollar; we know how to survive around increase in a bag of rice from N8,000 to N18,000, N20,000, N24,000 and so on; we know how to manage ourselves and enter deep valleys and deep holds called roads – we know how to manover around each other and if we hit each others car on the way we plead with each other and if need be we fix each other’s car and go our way; we know how to manage a hospital without bed; we know how to manover around increase in light bill from N3,000 to N30,000 without reason; we know how to sit on the ground in a classroom with water on the floor and pay attention to the teacher, In fact, when the cows come into our schools we know how to run away and when the cows are gone we come back to the school again. But there is one thing we don’t know how to manover in Nigeria and that is to stand and see people killed, we don’t know how to manover around that and we will not manover around it or stop talking about it until we see that stop because if one person is killed all of us are killed and when you kill us, we don’t know how to manover around that.”

Considering the level of wickedness across various states in Nigeria, pastor Sarah says that any system that does not hold to the sanctity of life does not deserve to rule. She declared prophetically that the killings in Nigeria must stop in the name of Jesus Christ.

Stressing further, she said “Nigeria is not a Jihadist country and will never be. Nigeria consist of both Christians and Muslims amongst other religion and will continue to be ‘despite the enterprises of those who sponsored, support and speak for the called boko haram and killer Fulani herdsmen. The constitution of Nigeria that says that ‘Nigeria is a secular State; therefore we (the church) reject our membership in the OIC in the name of Jesus. And we state clearly that the era to islamizing Nigeria ‘as proclaimed by terrorists groups’ passed in the early 1900s when Dam Folio could not go back to the midle-belt. It’s too late, she added.

Again she said that any village where the indigene has been driven and taken over by strangers living in it will be returned to the owners. And one day very soon, anybody can live anywhere, anybody can build a church anywhere, anybody can build a mosque anywhere because this country belongs to all of us and no Nigerian will be stop from living as a Nigerian. We will not be judge by where we come from or our tribe and religion but will be judge by been a Nigerian. God is going to give us that country where you are just a Nigerian in the Name of Jesus.”

Furthermore, Pastor Sarah says that in the same bases Christians want to excel is how every Muslim want to excel but muslims can not build mosques anywhere and stop church from building anywhere. This is a country, we have to be that free and if we are going to be that free as a Nation we must stop been Igbo, Huasa and Yeruba.

“So we stand together joining all the churches in the North, South, East, West and churches in the middle belt and the churches around the world the are praying for Nigeria and we declare that the reign of terror, wickedness, killers (fulani herdsmen, kidnapers, richualist, boko haram) in Nigeria is over in Jesus name. Whoever that will not let us go, we as a church let them go in the name of Jesus.”

With grieved the pastor declared that the church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria is indestructible, unstoppable, cannot be humiliated or removed. The church in Nigeria will go from strength to strength and multiply.

She offer prayer to God for leaders after God’s heart, who will take the death of one person personally, care for everybody like the leader in Uwanda and Tanzania who change the situation of their Nation. She prayed God for Nigerians not to sale their vote for money amongst other things.

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