Nigerian Doctor Discoers Another Cure For Covid-19

“Dr. Jawa Ibrahim Muhammad from Yobe State, discovered an Anti-dote and herbal medicine for curing COVID-19.”

“The NCDC, Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 and Governor of Yobe, are in receipt of the antidote and curative medicine at this hour, and are waiting for approval after due process of certification by relevant authorities.”

“He also produced 4 herbal seeds and plants that improve the lungs and removes the mucuos that block the chambers in COVID-19 attack, which brings about seizures and deaths.”

“Dr. Jawa has Masters Degree from WFAS Institute Beijing. He also has a PhD in Holistic Medicine (African traditional Medical Science) from University of Kolkata.

Dr. Jawa has 40 years experience in the field. He produced medicines for preventive, curative and detoxifier.”

Dr. Jawa was Executive Secretary of Yobe Traditional Medicine Board, and National President of African Traditional Medicine Practioners. He has set up a powerful school that awards diploma in African and Chinese Traditional Medicine, duly certified by Federal Ministry of Health.”


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