Nigerian Girls In Canada Are So Lonely, If you aren’t there, You Have No Idea How Tough It Can Get

By Gargoylern


I visit Canada and the US from time to time, but on this my last trip I could not but observe just how extremely lonely Nigerian girls are there. Why did they immigrate in the first place? What did they expect what waiting for them on the other side? A man gift wrapped in iced sugar?

They all have Youtube channels now, or Instagram channels and release video or vlogs every other day. I guess it is the easiest way to stop themselves from going crazy over the dreary loneliness.

But the problem doesn’t even stop there. Normally, I would have been interested sef. But many of them are actually not so good-looking or resourceful. Too bad!

If you are a Nigerian girl thinking of immigrating to Canada, make sure you consider it hard and deep. You could end up being just as lonely and dejected. Am not kidding when I say this. If you aren’t there, you have no idea how tough it can get.

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