Ondo Set To Prosecute Anyone Violating COVID-19 Guidelines Via Mobile Courts

Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu had said it will not hesitate to direct the commencement of mobile courts for instant trial of individuals who fail to comply with COVID-19 orders and regulations in the state.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing at the government house, the governor said people who don’t wear face masks among other relulation relating to Covid-19 guidelines will be drag to courts.

He added that the mobile courts will be fully empowered and supported to achieve the aims and objectives for which they are set up! hence, punishments for those found guilty will range from stiff community service, fines and outright forfeiture/confiscation of wares and properties found as accessories to the violation.

“As I have often stated, COVID-19 is not a death sentence. It is a temporary challenge which the world, indeed our nation will overcome. Ondo State Government is conscious of the need to deploy all its capacity and ability to contain this pandemic so that lost grounds can be gained and our lives returned to normal. We will do everything possible to protect and promote our citizen all ways and always.

This is the reason we are daily working on expanding the capability of our health facilities to respond to emergencies and unforeseen eventualities of Covid – 19 in the state. To achieve this, we have expanded the capacity of our Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) to 210 beds, a tenfold increase in capacity. We have directly provided 80 standard beds, 10 ICU beds, 100 Infrared thermometers, 3 ventilators two of which are ICU ventilators.

The 80 beds will be used to equip our newly renovated isolation Centre in Ikare. We have also received 100 beds through the coalition against COVID (CACOVID) which will allow for the expansion of our Centre in Akure and the equipping of the new Centre in Ondo town. With direct Government funding and donations in kind and cash by corporate organisations and public spirited individuals, more will be achieved in a matter of time,” he said.

Governor Akeredolu however enjoined all residents in Ondo state to abstain from all acts in contravention of the extant regulations on COVID-19.

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