‘Open Your Computer Anytime He Wants To Browse’; Female Pastor Tells Bride

A female pastor while advising a new couple on principles that will build their home and make their marriage work, told them to have regular and constant sex.

In a video which has gone viral, the pastor amazed the wedding guests and church members after telling the newlywed that for the next one month, they should be firing on (having sex) everyday and no one should say he or she is tired.

The female pastor told the bride that sex is the second important thing for a man after food.

She said as far as the groom has paid her bride price that he owns his wife’s body as she cited a Bible passage in Corinthians where it says man is the owner of the body and everything thereof.

The pastor also said that anytime the man wants to ‘browse’, the woman should open her ‘computer’.


See more; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/11/female-pastor-advises-new-couple-to-have-sex-regularly.html

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