Parents, Always Pay Attention To Your Children’s Talents

By Xynerise(m)

I grew up in a society where any career you chose that doesn’t begin with going to higher institution is discouraged. My parents made a mistake believing going to school is the ultimate ingredient for success and that made me ignored my talents, as a result of that; it slowed down my success pace.

A friend of mine discovered his son’s boxing talent when they were playing and his 7 year old son gave him an outstanding punch grin. He never saw the negative side of it but he got inspired and enrolled his son in a boxing school. Today, the little boy is becoming something spectacular.

We often ignore the God given talents of our children and selfishly choose what we want for them. A teenager who doesn’t know anything about Mathematics or English but she is a good dancer will be seen as a potential slayqueen or wayward person. The parents will ignore the fact that she is already gifted and her gift is not morally wrong.

Education is not everything, for me education is Plan B to success. The plan A is your talent or gift. That is why those with talents and gifts will always survive in a country where employment rate is poor especially Nigeria.

If I discover my son to be a good football player, I will make sure I get to the nearest football academy to enrol him as soon as possible. grin

Una weldone! cheesy

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