Pastor Sarah’s Omakwu’s Message To President Buhari At The Black Mid-Year Thanksgiving

Speaking at the ‘black mid-year thankgiving, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, senior pastor, Family Worship Centren Wuye,  have place a call to the president on the need to stop the killings in Nigeria.

The mid-year thanksgiving observe by the church was tag “black mid-year thankgiving” delibrately and on purpose to mourn with those who lost their love ones, properties and the wounded in plateau, benue, kaduna taraba, samfara, enugu and all over the country. May their soul rest in peace.

We are mourning for a country that is been sock with innocent blood, a country not protective, where the value of live worth nothing.

“Where is the value of live? How much is a live worth? What is the value of a soul”?

The pastor narrating the story of Baby Jessica,  the 18 months old child, who fell into a well in 1987 and how the entire security forces in America arive the scene and do everything possible and bring the girl out of the well Alive after 53 hours

On the 9th of Jenuary 2016, police were all over Paris for a mask man that shot about 22 people dead until they track him down. That is the value of live, she said.

In Nigeria, it is a normal think for people to be brutalized and senators are laughing all over the places because they think they have police to guard them. And so people are been cut with matchet, houses burnt, communities erace because of cow and nothing happened because of the so called educated people full of oil money.

When human beings go on a rampage in cold blood not once, not twice but over and over again and nothing happens, mr president, something is very very wrong, she lament.

Stressing the need for the president to stop the killings, the pastor pointed how the president dressed in his full General’s uniform and summon all the generals in Nigeria to samfara to fight against cattle hustling, which is good. But sir, people are been killed, you are not saying anything, you have not wore your uniform ‘what happened to your uniform sir?

‘The pastor have however refused to agree that cows are more important than human being; If anyone think so, then something must be wrong and need to get rid of.’

The lives of human being must be important than any animal; therefore, the pastor called on the president to stop the killings of innocent people in Nigeria.

“I speak to you as a pastor, the head of organisation that has lots of people who voted for you. “Stop the killing of innocent children. Stop the killing of innocent boys. Stop the killing of innocent girls. Stop the killing of the youth of Nigerians ‘the future of Nigeria. Stop the killing of men and women. Stop the killing of every farmer. Stop the killing of either muslim or christian or unbelievers. Stop the fulani herdsmen, whoever they are, wherever they come from, it is within your power as the Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having the mechinary, force and the mandate to stop these evil.

Further stressing on the the constitution of Nigeria, she said, gives everybody the right to choice their faith, she recalled how stoping IPOB who did not kill nor burn house was easy within few hours with the called operation crocodile and operation python dance. Where are the pythons and the crocodile? Because the fulani herdsmen have been burning and killing people. Where are the pythons? Where are the Crocodiles and the scorpions?

Lamenting on the fact that the president have not tried enough the You have not tried enough the pastor assure to speak for the president if he do enough.

We as a people, the body of Christ in Nigeria condemn ‘with the most intensity and seriousness of heart. We condemn any leadership that is not out to defend the people. And we call open you sir, to stop these killing.

The semon which was broadcasted live on television shows the pastor, kneeling on the alter, apealing to the president. “Unbehalf of the children and the next generation that is been killed, unbehalf of the peaceful Christians, added that christianity do not wish any harm upon Nigeria. I apeal to your sense of been a father, your sense of been a general who is constrained to defend the country not the other way round and your sense of being a good muslim you told us you are; to remember your words ‘I am for nobody I am for every body’ and speak to the army and the police to stop this killings in Nigeria, she said.

watch the video;

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