Permanent Solution For Ulcer

Are you an ulcer patient? Here is a permanent solution for you and trust me, if you prepare this herbs and use it as explained and follow all the advice, you will get permanent cure for ulcer within a short period.

There are some common type of ulcer but whichever type it is, the recommended step here will give an end to either;

– Stomach Ulcer, which is most purpolar.

– Mouth Ulcer, Venous Leg Ulcer, Peptic, Gastric, Duodenal, Esophageal


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This is a sure permanent herbal cure for stomach ulcer and if you follow the advise use the herbs recommend you surely have permanent cure, as this serves as herbal cure for any kind of ulcer.

The first solution that I will share with you includes;

Fresh bitter leave,

Green leafy onion Leaves

Bitter kola,

How to prepare it:

Grind the items together into smaller pieces – try not to make one item much over the other

Sundry it well and

Grind or blend it again into fine powder.

How to use it

Put one spoon of the powder into a cup and add little water. Shake it and drink once every morning. Consider taking it at least 1hr or 30 minutes before meals.

Second solution

Get 6 unripe green plantains and 6 fresh green okra.

Wash the plantain with clean water

Slice the plantain and okra into smaller pieces

Put both inside a clean container ‘like 4 or 5 litre’

Pour clean water into the herbal mixture inside container – not necessarily filled to the top

Make sure you cover the container very well to avoid contamination

Allow it soak in the water for 3 days

After 3 days the person with ulcer can start taking one small cup in the morning before meal

The same cup in the afternoon

Another cup in the night after meal.


Necessary food to consume and avoid

The truth is if you are sick, there are things you are going to adapt to get well. It’s when you are well that you are able to go about every normal duty. As an ulcer patients, please take note of this tips I want to share with your.

1. Try as much as possible to frequently eat food, no matter how little. Do not always stay hungry.

2. In take of original wild honey, say one spoon in the morning and evening.

3. Always take lot of fruit, but please, avoid this 2 “orange, pineapple.”

4. Smoking or intake of any alcoholic drink is dangerous. Please avoid it by all means.

5. Avoid fried food of any kind (e.g. spice, fried stew).

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Remember, in all of these, God is the healler of all sickness. Like the herb, is God’s creation and for the healing of nations Rev. 22:2.

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