Preparing The Saints For The End Times Tribulation

Greetings brethren.
I hail you all in the name of Yahuah Elohim, the Most High God of Israel and His only begotten Son, Yahshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Christ.

I closely follow another thread regarding dreams, but found myself contributing mostly regarding the topic of the end times.
So I decided to start a new thread on the subject.
For months back in 2016, I was consistently having dreams of the end times. I occasionally still have dreams like that now.
I saw scenes similar to World War II. I saw the spirit of Hitler, the 3rd reich. I saw tanks, helicopters, armies, soldiers, etc.

I live in the state of California, USA. I see firsthand the formation of the NWO in this country. What happens in America will replicate throughout the world. It won’t be long before the principalities ruling over America will converge with the principalities in Nigeria and Africa at large. Africa is the last frontier for the NWO. For decades America has been installing puppet presidents on the continent. Buhari was placed into power by none other than the Obama administration (google David Axelrod). Buhari, like most African leaders, is serving the interest of western powers to rapidly destabilize Africa, so the powers of the NWO can “save” it. Trump is doing the same in America.

I can get quiet long-winded so I’ll get to the point. The saints need to start spiritually preparing for a world-wide tribulation. There will be no pre-tribulation rapture as commonly taught in many of these churches. Just read Matt 24:29-31. The church has mostly been compromised, many have false prophets, teachers and occultists/free masons as their leaders. Any church that is a MEGA church, RUN. Any church that doesn’t preach against homosexuality (which is big here in America), vanity, love of money, fornication, bribe, sexual sin, etc RUN. Any church that preaches only breakthrough, miracles, signs and wonders, healings, deliverance, prosperity, self-help, self-love, RUN. If they’re not preaching to strive DAILY to renounce this world, and forsake our flesh to pursue God’s holiness, sanctification, perfection, consecration and meditation, dedication to prayer in God’s Word to purge our garments of filth so He can make it white, RUN.

Don’t listen to anyone preaching pre-tribulation rapture, this is a false teaching to lull the church into a false sense of security before the antichrist is unveiled. The only thing that would save us from the tribulation is if our garments are found without spot, blemish or wrinkle. We don’t HAVE to go through the tribulation if God has already made a way out (Luke 21:36). Read the whole chapter to get the proper context. Most so-called believers will endure the tribulation. If we’re not in the process of making our garment white now, it’ll be made white through fire and testing (tribulation). A remnant will make it into the wilderness and spared the hour of temptation that will befall the earth (Rev 3:10). There is another remnant that will be the warrior bride of Christ. These are the 144K, a literal (Rev 7) and symbolic body of SEALED believers (Eph 4:30) who are found the most worthy to preach the gospel, exhort and encourage the saints. They will be empowered with awesome miracles, signs and wonders to build the faith of the believers (and convert non-believers) during the tribulation.

What are your thoughts on the tribulation? Do you sense we are the generation that will witness the consummation of all things? What have you observed to make you believe so? Share your thoughts here smiley

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