Protesters Take Over Streets To Protest Against Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions In US

Hundreds of people gather with placards showing the state of unemployment, amongs other sign to   in protest against Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions. The protesters gathered in different part of US demanding lifting of stay-at-home orders imposed by state governors.

The protest started after President Donald Trump encouraged the people to defy coronavirus lockdown/ stay-at-home order imposed by state governors across the US.

Though the stay-at-home order is said to be essential to slow the spread of the covid19, protesters in their numbers take over streets in Denver’s state capitol to demand an end to shutdown.

Thausands of people were also pictured at the Washington state capitol in Olympia protesting against Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order.

In US, the pandemic is said to have over 700,000 people infected with over 30,000 dead.


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