Questions Revolving around the statue of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and others yet to unveil in Imo State

The story is not new anymore that Governor Rochas erected the statue of the South African President, Jacob Zuma, in Imo State. Despite the fact that the governor intention to open the doors of Imo State to the rest of the world for good has been explain, many criticisms had been made. Accusations as to ‘why?’ and ‘why’?, the amount of money and the personality involve has been thrown to the governor – back to back. Reasons for accusation remains that President Zuma is facing corruption charges in his country, the honour was done few days after another Nigerian, Jelili Omoyele , a 35-year-old, was killed in South Africa – following recent killing of Nigerians in South Africa.

From left, right and center, people have complained but the status is in its position. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been accused of not building the image of the state, not attracting any meaningful visitor to the State except PDP NEC members who were coming to loot the State. Well, that’s for another day…

The interesting part of the story include the statements by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor Rochas, Mr. Onwuemeodo, stated that Jacob Zuma’s visit was to sign a MoU between Jacob Zuma Education Foundation and Rochas Foundation College of Africa, Rochas was determined to bring devolopment to Imo State and would not be deterred by criticisms, if all we need to do to attract good things or investments to Imo is erecting statues, then, we have no option than to erect as many of such structures as possible. We owe no one apology.

However, many Questions require answer. Some of this questions are
a. What development will the statue of Jacob Zuma bring to the Imo State, Nigeria and its Environs?
b. When would the other Statue beside Jacob Zuma’s statue be unveil?
C. Who’s statues are the rest unknown?

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